Jamaican Pearl Feminized Grow Report


Check out our detailed grow report of Sensi Seeds’ award-winning Jamaican Pearl Feminized. A nearly-pure sativa strain, this Caribbean sensation is a vigorous cultivar and can almost triple during flowering. We cultivated a beautiful Jamaican Pearl plant that gave a bountiful harvest of gorgeous, frosty buds using only essential nutrients and water.

Flowering stage: 75 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 96 days

Final yield: 113 grams

THC content: 13.1%

Jamaican Pearl was initially created to provide Northern European growers with a chance to cultivate a tropical sativa that will flourish in colder climates. It is a cross of Marley’s Collie and Early Pearl. This delectable cultivar delivers euphoric and energizing effects with highly resinous buds and a unique palette of tropical flavours. It has been a fan favourite worldwide for decades, taking first place in the Supercup category at the 1999 Dutch Highlife Cup.

The 85% sativa lineage is visible in the many classic characteristics, including significant internodal gaps and elongated branches. The 15% indica lineage is evident in Jamaican Pearl’s posture; it is shorter and broader than most pure sativas, with a very dense bud structure. However, like most sativas, Jamaican Pearl has a long flowering period of up to 11 weeks.

Outdoors Jamaican Pearl can reach up to three meters in height. Although this popular strain might be known for its outdoor vigour, we brought our seeds inside for this run.  

Our grow room is 220 x 150 cm, and our Jamaican Pearl was placed centrally on an elevated table to allow easy access. We used soil as our medium, and our plant was hand-watered daily with essential nutrients when necessary.

Our plant was cultivated under one 600-watt Phillips Green Power high-pressure sodium lamp (HPS) for vegetation and flowering. Fans kept constant airflow through all stages of growth.

Please know that results will vary depending on the grow conditions, and these are simply results as we saw them in our facilities. So, continue reading as we detail our grow of this legendary Caribbean queen, all the way from seed to harvest!

Our Jamaican Pearl Feminized seed was germinated in a jiffy propagation cube. Once roots protruded from the cube, the seedling was transplanted to a 3-litre pot filled with BAC Lavasoil Growmix.

The seedling was placed 80 cm below our 600w HPS, where it received a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. The pot was also rotated daily to ensure all parts received adequate light.

On day three, we began feeding our seedling with 100 ml of water, pH-adjusted to 6.2 with an added rooting hormone. Our nutrient solution held an electrical conductivity (EC) of 0.8. Withholding water for the first few days allowed the rooting system to develop in its new medium.

We dispersed predatory mites (Hypoaspis Miles) to eliminate any fungus gnat or thrip pupae in the soil. These little garden sentries watched over our growing medium and kept any potential outbreaks from occurring. This application was repeated every three weeks. 

By the end of week one, our seedling doubled in size and developed multiple sets of true leaves – she was very content in her new home.

Throughout vegetation, the relative humidity was kept at 65%. During the day, temperatures fluctuated between 24-26°C, and during the evening, the temperature dropped to22°C.These conditions were consistent until flowering began, at which time we decreased the humidity.

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