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People usually ask us what kinds of strains produce potent effects on the users. Although that depends on several variables, we have compiled a list of 10 Best Marijuana Strains with the Highest THC on Crop King Seeds. The THC is the primary reason for the high you get from marijuana.

The psychoactive substance of marijuana is THC. High-THC marijuana strains generate powerful cerebral effects and may be beneficial for:

  • Nausea elimination
  • Appetite boost
  • Pain Relief
  • Alleviating swelling
  • Improving issues with muscle function

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is a compound in marijuana that induces most of its mental effects. Cannabinoid receptors found in brain regions are involved in perception, memory, satisfaction, balance, and sense of time. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), THC binds to such receptors and stimulates them, affecting a person’s memory, enjoyment, gestures, reasoning, attention, balance, and visual and time awareness. The NIDA also found that THC causes dopamine release in brain cells, resulting in euphoria. It also affects how memory is stored in the hippocamp and is responsible for producing new memories in the brain. The effects last around two hours on average, starting from 10 to 30 minutes after absorption.

Top 10 Best Marijuana Strain with High-THC Content


Gelato is a potent strain that came from a cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Thanks to its taste and effects, this indica-dominant hybrid appeals to several weed enthusiasts. It is a good partner during social events because it will give you peace and get you quite bubbly in chats. The head buzz gives a pleasant feeling. It has medicinal benefits that treat chronic migraines and the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

2.Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a highly renowned weed in the cannabis community. It boasts of its high THC content. For that reason, this weed is loved for its potent effects that stimulate the mind into feeling a sense of well-being. This weed is recommended for nighttime use because of its deeply relaxing effects. It has medical benefits, being analgesic and antidepressant at the same time. The analgesic properties mitigate discomfort from muscle pains. It induces sleep among patients struggling with insomnia. 

3.Granddaddy Purple Strain

Granddaddy Purple is one of the finest Indicas around. This strain can be used to provide relief for people with health conditions. Both recreational and medical users find refuge in the wonders of this weed. This weed offers a euphoric high that will surely boost your mood and uplift your spirit. This strain is prescribed only for users who can tolerate THC levels as high as 23%, else, this weed can be quite overwhelming.

4.Bruce Banner

One of the best-selling weeds out there is Bruce Banner. This strain is full of surprises, with towering THC contents that range between 18-24 percent. This is the result of a combination between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, so it has fantastic genetics that are difficult to overlook. As a Sativa-leaning strain, it is going to make you feel energized and motivated for hours. Smoking this weed also makes you feel euphoric, happy, and focused. For hours, you can stay in that condition.

5. Chemdog#4 Feminized

Chemdog#4 Feminized has exceptional genetics and impressive effects to its users, not to mention its delectable flavors. It is not so difficult to see that Chemdog#4 needs to be regarded as a perfect addition to your cannabis garden. This strain promises potent effects with its high THC contents of about 24-28 percent. This indica-dominant weed offers a strong body high that steadily weighs you down from your shoulders to your toes. It appears to cause a mixture of uplifting and calming sensations. It also triggers a quick gush of your imagination.

6.Cali OG Kush Haze Feminized

Cali OG Kush Feminized is a Sativa dominant strain with high THC levels averaging at 24 percent. It produces uplifting effects that give its users motivation and a sense of euphoria to keep them going during a busy yet productive day. The powerful and stimulating head high lasts for long hours. It is loved by both recreational and medical users because of its flavors and benefits.

7.Crown Royale

Crown Royale is an indica-dominant strain that possesses high-quality genetics. The flowering period is about nine weeks, during which you can prepare to see glistening fat buds loaded with yummy resin. It has an irresistibly spicy scent that gives away its existence from meters away. One of Crown Royale’s most prominent features is that it is high both in CBD and THC. Crown Royale is recommended for medicinal and recreational cannabis users due to this unusual mix of properties. This strain has been a favorite among many clinical, residential, and industrial growers due to its versatility.

8.Sativa Star

Sativa Star is almost entirely Sativa with its 90% dominance. It has a very long flowering period, reaching up to 14 weeks, but you may anticipate a bountiful yield at harvest time. The yield indoors will exceed up to 350 grams, and when grown outdoors, 600 grams. This plant takes a lot of head height to get the highest yield, whether you are developing indoors or out. In contrast to their Indica relatives, these plants show tall, thin and narrow leaves with a lighter shade of gray. Sativa Star’s THC content can go up to 22.60%, but it does not give overwhelming psychedelic effects. Instead, this strain achieves what it is supposed to do with great Sativa, helping the user feel more innovative, enthusiastic, and offering a great mood lift.

9. Purple Kush Strain

By combining two South-Central Asian Indica landraces including the Hindu Kush from the mountain boundary of Afghanistan-Pakistan, Purple Kush is made. This strain is 100% Indica. Due to its high THC content, ranging from 17-27%, this strain has received many awards. When smoked, Purple Kush gives a long-lasting high. Consumers can expect a gradual, upper body relaxation that travels from one part of the body to another. Although this strain gives a profound and essential sense of relief, it is not advised for new users. This strain is among the potent strains on the planet due to its high THC contents and high narcotic-like effects.

10.White Widow

White Widow marijuana is one of the most popular strains in the world. This Indica dominant strain bagged first place in the High Times Cannabis Cup a year after it was launched worldwide. It boasts of THC levels reaching up to 25%. This weed produces mentally stimulating indica effects. There’s nothing quite like the euphoric rush it offers to its users. Smoking this weed will surely be one of your most memorable experiences.


The most potent marijuana strains you can find are those high in THC. While they can effectively treat some health problems, they also appear to have powerful psychological impacts. If you are new to pot-smoking, try beginning with low-THC strains first and then make your way up.

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