Verilife has the heat for 420


The best products for a 420 done right.

420 is around the corner—the best time of year to celebrate all things cannabis.

Whatever your ritual, whether you celebrate 420 once a day or once a year, a stop into your local Verilife dispensary will equip you with everything you need to ring in the occasion.

Need some inspiration for your 420 stash? We’ve compiled some of the top highlights from matter. at Verilife dispensaries so you can see what’s hot for the holiday and stock your stash appropriately.

matter. Banana Milkshake

Verilife 420
Courtesy of Verilife

Banana Milkshake buds will take you on a sweet and tropical trip with a high that’s known for coming on in phases. The indica-dominant hybrid strain is big on uplift and flows into a feeling of pure contentment, leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy the simple things in life. With medium-sized buds drenched in trichomes, this frosty strain will make for a tasty 420 treat.

matter. 1:4 Apple Sour Gummy Bites

Verilife 420
Courtesy of Verilife

 20-pack, 400mg CBD & 100mg THC

The 1:4 THC to CBD ratio in matter.’s Apple Sour Gummy Bites means you get an extra dose of full-body relaxation from the CBD while it simultaneously activates an entourage effect result, encouraging the best out of the THC. And because matter. makes the gummies with emulsified THC, you can expect a faster onset of effects than with traditional edibles. Don’t worry, the sour fruit flavor does not disappoint.

matter. Double Rainbow 0.5g Vape Cartridge

Verilife 420
Courtesy of Verilife

Need a new cart to enjoy 420 on the go? Try twice as nice Double Rainbow, whose sweet berry and grape flavors from infused terpenes will be an instant hit. Turn to this vape if you want to look forward to an elevated mood that will leave you feeling relaxed and focused.

matter. Wilson! Zero

Verilife 420
Courtesy of Verilife

Created by crossing Banana OG & Papaya with Tropicanna Cookies, this fragrant strain packs intense aromas of orange & banana with hints of peach. Its spicy-sweet flavor will have you hooked and its hybrid effects will set you up for a relaxed and euphoric smoke sesh.

Find your nearest Verilife and start setting up for 420 your way.

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