N13 Kush Feminized Grow Report


N13 Kush Feminized is a compact and hardy indica that produces significant harvests. Hailing from an impressive heritage of Mr Nice G13 x Hash Plant x Nicole Kush, this 90% indica combines the best attributes of all of its parents.

Flowering Stage: 63 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 84 days

Final yield: 107 grams

THC content: 19.98%

This powerful, compact plant is favoured by amateur and commercial growers alike for its high-yielding harvests and impressively potent buds. N13 Kush Feminized is also known for its short flowering period of around 55-65 days. However, despite their rapid growth, these plants still offer prodigious harvests.

N13 Kush’s indica traits keep the plant compact and bushy, and its relatively small size makes them an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor growers. It is a hardy and resilient strain that can flourish in Mediterranean climates.

N13 Kush develops a large central cola covered in resin glands with plenty of leafy side shoots. Large, dense buds typically form around the nodes and main stem rather than lateral branches.

Our N13 Kush Feminized was grown indoors in a 220 x 180 centimetre cultivation room and elevated on a table for easy access. The room was illuminated with a single 600-watt Phillips GreenPower high-pressure sodium light. Plants were hand-watered daily throughout the growing cycle, and fans were used to ensure constant airflow. 

So, let’s take a closer look at each step as we raised our N13 Kush from seedling to harvest.

Our N13 Kush Feminized seed was sprouted in a propagation cube. Once roots had protruded through the sides, our 4 cm seedling was transplanted in a 3-litre pot of BAC Lavasoil mix. Our seedling was then placed 80 cm below the grow light

Our plant’s cotyledons had already emerged at this early stage and were looking relatively healthy. Two bright green, rounded leaves were already moving aside for the plant’s first true leaves.

We refrained from watering our N13 Kush until the third day to allow the roots to establish in their new medium. We pH-adjusted the water to 6.2 and added a root stimulant, bringing its electrical conductivity (EC) to 0.8. 

During week one, we also introduced the predatory mite, hypoaspis miles, into our grow room. These minuscule predators feast on any fungus gnat and thrip pupae that may be living in the medium. This process was repeated once more during week three.

Our N13 Kush received 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness throughout vegetation. The temperature fluctuated between 26°C during the day and 22°at night. The relative humidity (RH) was held at 65%. 

By the end of the second week, our N13 Kush had more than doubled in size and reached had nine centimetres. Following the production of cotyledons, she began producing broad fingered leaves. At the end of week two, she had developed multiple nodes with short internodal spacing, a clear indication of her indica characteristics.

BioGrow nutrients were supplemented into our nutrient solution during week three, bringing the EC to 1.4. Our N13 Kush had developed many sets of broad, lime green fan leaves. Her internodal spacing remained compact, and axillary shoots developed from each node. Our plant reached a height of 19 cm by the end of the week.

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