Banana Frosting Feminized Grow Report


In our detailed grow report, we bring you along as we grow Sensi Seeds’ Banana Frosting Feminized. An indica-dominant hybrid, this beauty flowers fast but stays compact. Following a simple regimen, we produce a beautiful Banana Frosting Feminized plant that offers a bountiful harvest of spectacular and delicious buds.

Flowering stage: 63 days

Total time, seed to harvest: 84 days

Final yield: 106 grams

THC content: 17-20%

This intriguing hybrid strain hails from the impressive lineup of four cannabis legends; Silver Haze x Diesel x Skunk Kush x Hindu Kush. Banana Frosting was bred to capture the best characteristics of each classic. At 70% indica and 30% sativa, it packs a potent indica punch with some reviving sativa characteristics.

The impressive indica-dominant hybrid is particularly acclaimed for its heavy yields of dense, sticky buds, with a delightfully sweet and fruity aroma. Thanks to its indica lineage, plants tend to stay short and compact. But don’t let their size fool you; these ladies are still capable of producing bountiful, high-yielding harvests. Banana Frosting’s high yields are easily obtainable when grown outdoors, but it can also flourish indoors.

While its yields are a characteristic of its indica lineage, Banana Frosting’s aroma, taste, and effects are characteristic of a classic sativa strain. While it still offers the intense relaxation of an indica, the high is equally uplifting and euphoric. In short, it’s a perfectly-rounded hybrid cultivar. 

It is also appreciated for its relatively short flowering time, and Banana Frosting is typically ready to harvest in 50-65 days. This makes it an ideal variety for growers looking to produce a quick harvest.

Our Banana Frosting Feminized plant was cultivated inside our 220 x 150 cm grow room, under one 600-watt high-pressure sodium Phillips GreenPower light. It was placed on a 180 x 90 cm table for easy access. Throughout the cultivation process minimal nutrients were used and our plant was hand-watered daily.

So, follow us as we detail the steps we took to grow this magnificent hybrid strain!

We sprouted our feminized Banana Frosting seed in a propogation cube. Once our seedlings roots had protruded through the side of the pod, we transplanted our 4 cm seedling into a 5-litre pot full of BAC Lava Soil Grow Mix. We avoided watering for the first two days to allow the roots system to establish. 

Our seedling had already developed its cotyledons at this early stage, and her true leaves could be seen growing. Our grow light was hanging 80 centimetres above our seedling throughout vegetative growth and received 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Our Banana Frosting was rotated daily to ensure all parts of the plants received adequate light. 

During the first week, we dispersed sachets of hypoaspis miles. These predatory mites feed on any fungus gnat and thrip pupae that might develop within the soil. We repeated this application in week three at a concentration of 250 per cubic meter (250/m3) to prevent any outbreaks from occurring.

We began watering our Banana Frosting on day three, and added a rooting hormone to encourage root growth. At this early stage, she only required 100 ml of water per day. The mild nutrient solution was pH-adjusted to 6.2 before feeding, while Its electrical conductivity (EC) was 0.8.

Our grow room was maintained at 65% relative humidity (RH) during vegetation. This was reduced to 45% during flowering. We also maintained an ambient temperature of 26°C throughout the day and 22°C in the evenings. 

By the end of the second week, our Banana Frosting plant had reached a height of 9 cm. She proudly displayed multiple deep green leaves with broad serrated blades and narrow margins between them. Short internodal spacing reflected Banana Frosting’s indica heritage, and our plant consumed almost 200 ml of water per day. 

We added BioGrow nutrients to our water during the third week, bringing the solution’s EC up to 1.4. By the time we reached the end of the third week, our plant had shot up to 17 centimetres and was displaying large, broad green fan leaves.

Internodal spacing was short, and the main stem was beginning to thicken. Lower axillary shoots had started to develop and were beginning to stretch towards the light. The bright, lime green fan leaves and hefty main stem indicated that our Banana Frosting was undoubtedly healthy.

We anticipated that she would stretch significantly during the first weeks of flowering, and we decided it was time to induce flowering at the beginning of week four.

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